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"Ale Martin, an eccentric modern and young tenor, a renewal light in the music segment, an artist capable of bringing people of all ages together and winning approval."

Ale began his artistic career at age 16 in Argentina, his native country. Originally from Córdoba, at the beginning he leaned towards Argentine folk music, a genre he met and perfected in the province of Catamarca, where he grew up and grew up.


Over the years Ale was giving free rein to his passion for classical music, and those Italian and Spanish songs that his grandparents sang to them as a child and that led him to set new horizons. Thus, and following the opposite route that took their ancestors from Europe to America, he decided to settle in Spain, from where he began his conquest of the Old Continent by force of memorable shows in Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Czech Rep., Germany and more countries In 2019, after a job offer from the German MV Otterbarch orchestra, Ale Martin, he moved to Germany to work on his shows and as the main tenor of the orchestra.


More than talking about him, it is necessary to see him, to live the sensations that he transmits, the energy he transmits, the magic of his voice.

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