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Ale Martin, Eccentric, Modern and Young Tenor.

You Can breath the deepness image of the modern lyrical opera, the energy of the latinamerican folk music and the popular and well known tango.

Ale started his artistic career in his home country of Argentina at the age of 16. His first steps on a stage were devoted to Argentine folk music in his native province of Córdoba as well as in Catamarca where he grew up and got in contact with his musical roots.

With the pass of the years he unleashed a passion for classic music which prompted him to look for new horizons.

In the quest for fulfilling his dreams he decided to follow the opposite direction in the route from Europe to the Americas and as a result he settled in the Canarias Islands with the aim of conquering the land of his ancestors with his memorable shows.

''There's no need to talk more about him but to watch him on the stage, experience the emotions he arises in the public and the energy and magic of his powerful voice''

Agustin D'Inca - Argentine journalist